Avishai Cohen Orchestral Evening

Double-bass / Composer
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The virtuosic bassist unleashed his unique fusion of folk, jazz and classical … folksong simplicity, orchestral power, pop seductiveness and jazz ingenuity as the star danced with his bass within reach of the cheering, bopping crowd.”

(The Guardian)
'An Evening with Avishai Cohen' at the Paris Philharmonie (teaser) © Avishai Cohen
Avishai Cohen - Two Roses album trailer
An Evening with Avishai Cohen in Brussels © Brussels Philharmonic
Avishai Cohen Trio with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra - 'Song For My Brother' © Avishai Cohen
Avishai Cohen, an insight into his Orchestra project © Avishai Cohen
AllAboutJazz, July 2017
The Guardian, February 2017
Jazz Wise Magazine on the Barbican performance, February 2017
Lira Magazine on the Stockholm Jazz Festival performance
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung on the Heidelberg Classical Festival performance
(Rhein Main Presse)
(Bass Guitar Magazine)
(Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, Heidelberg Classical Festival, March 2015)
(Darmstädter Echo, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, March 2015)
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