Stewart Copeland: Electric Saint


Stewart Copeland’s tech opera about physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla pulsates with rhythm and reminiscences. Strong currents, both erotic and electric, ran between Richard Morrison in the title role and his muse, sung by Emma Moore. Marvellous work by Gregor Bühl and the Staatskapelle Weimar in the pit.…”

Electric Saint Weimer promo © Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar

With emphasis, downright mystical, it flashes and sizzles from wires and under light bulb shells from the projection screen. Hymnically wide eyes cheer with the voices, not getting enough of the euphoric certainty of the future ….. even when the alternating current saint Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) fell into economic and personal ruin, the audience was well supplied with musical reminiscences.”

NMZ Online, Roland H. Dippel

The laboratory scenes in which technical devices such as Tesla generators and spirals are opened and circuit projections are shown are particularly impressive. There is something playful about it and nothing of tabloid realism. Original moments could be experienced here when Tesla and Edison sing about the capacitor and carbon brush and the first law of thermodynamics is explained…..”

Tobias Pruwer, Die Deutsche Buehne