Nadia Sirota Tessellatum 1 by Shervin Lainez
Nadia Sirota Tessellatum 2 by Shervin Lainez

Donnacha Dennehy: Tessellatum

Tessellatum was commissioned in an acute fit of jealousy. The first time I heard Donnacha Dennehy’s music I was seduced, I needed to be a part of that sound world, to inhabit it, even.”

Nadia Sirota
Nadia Sirota Tessellatum 3 by Shervin Lainez

I am obsessed with luminosity in music. It influences most of my decisions: about harmony and timbre, process and even form. An abiding influence on the way I thought about luminosity in this piece comes from the way the light changes radically through the seasons in Ireland. Despite living with this perennially until quite recently, this never ceased to fascinate me.”

(Donnacha Dennehy)

Ambient music for short attention spans”

(Will Hermes, Rolling Stone)

An impressive, sweeping work of drones and strings”

(Jayson Greene, Pitchfork)
Tessellatum | Mini-Documentary © Nadia Sirota LLC
Part 3 © Steven Mertens