Daníel Bjarnason: Sleep Variations

Nadia Sirota by Samantha West 1 Portrai

14 minutes of sonic tossing and turning that is likely to be considered one of the greatest triumphs of [Bjarnason’s] career.”

(Music Press Daily)

Ultimately, the highlight of the concert was the last item on the program, Bjarnason’s Sleep Variations, which stood out as both an ideal showpiece for Sirota’s muscular sound and a fully formed work with plenty of variety crammed into its 15-or-so minutes. Over the course of the piece, nervous tension gave way to contentious dissonance and eventually to peace, with Sirota’s viola sometimes floating above and sometimes diving into the midst of the ensemble. Simultaneously sophisticated and approachable, Sleep Variations will hopefully catch on among both seasoned classical listeners and fans of all genres looking for something new.”


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